Are delays costing you money?

Departure delays remain a major problem for all airlines/airports. Figures for 2007 confirm a worsening of delay trends with 21% of flights leaving more than 15 minutes late across Europe (Association of European Airlines). The figures for the UK during the third quarter of 2007 are even worse with 32% of scheduled and 35% of chartered departures delayed (

A quarter of US domestic flights failed to arrive on time in 2007 and analysts say the problem is likely to get worse. More than 26 per cent of commercial flights in the US arrived late or were cancelled last year.

The dynamic and time-constrained environment in which airports, airlines and ground handlers operate makes it extremely difficult to efficiently plan and utilise resources. The dependency between personnel and resources along with constantly changing tasks and priorities present a critical challenge to performance, costs and operational effectiveness.

At the heart of airport operations is the requirement to deploy resources, capture records of job progress and make information available in a timely fashion whilst efficiently managing the communications infrastructure.

AVTURA’s software solutions enhance the effective mobilisation and control of aviation resources in line with IATA’s focus on “Simplifying the Business” and AHM 804.

Utilising the latest mobile data collection technology and advanced communications devices AVTURA is able to provide assistance to airline, airport and ground handling agents, to enable efficient and effective management and co-ordination in all areas of the aircraft turnaround process, including push back and towing, fuelling, catering, cleaning, cargo, baggage, passenger buses, crew, boarding and security.

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