AVTURA’s Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) ensures efficient and effective management and co-ordination of the aircraft arrival, turnaround and departure process in real-time. RATT enables ground handlers, airlines and airports to improve their management of personnel, equipment and third party contractors and deliver results.

The RATT utilises the latest mobile data collection technology and advanced communications devices including ruggedised Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), WLAN and GPRS Communications. A web-based management and data analysis interface provides a clear and concise real-time view of your operation to Management, Operations Controllers, Passenger Services and Ramp personnel. Avtura’s unique and effortless RATT user interface allows all your personnel to use the system with minimal training or experience.

The RATT captures a time stamp of all turnaround services, including push back and towing, fuelling, catering, cleaning, cargo, baggage, load plans, crew, passenger buses and boarding, giving you a complete overview of all turnaround information in real time. A tailored individual flight profile based on carrier, flight number, aircraft type, registration, configuration, and stand/gate runs throughout the turnaround process alerting you to any critical events that may affect an on-time departure. These events are colour-coded to highlight any areas of concern or potential problems and are graduated to show the importance and impact of any overdue event. This allows the Dispatcher/Turnaround Coordinator to pro-actively manage the flight and ensure all services are carried out on-time every time. RATT helps you maximise revenue, enhance the efficiency of airside operations and On-Time Performance, and reduce delays, ground time, and costs.

All real-time information for each flight is also available to supervising personnel in operations control so as to give an overall real-time graphical operational picture which allows for proactive and efficient management of the entire operation.

The RATT data collection and analysis service stores all operational data for future evaluation. Reports are generated to bolster quality control, performance monitoring, trend analysis, process re-design, monitoring of third-party service level agreements and accurate billing of scheduled and ad-hoc services, improving your contract management. The RATT is also able to minimise operational risk and down time by integrating with existing operational software, including resource planning systems,

Overall the RATT enables:

  • Continuously monitor turnaround events in real-time
  • Gain early awareness of impending problems
  • Make informed, pro-active decisions
  • Ease scheduling and deployment of personnel
  • Improve contract management and control
  • Reduce administrative, planning and operational staff workload
  • Collect and distribute operational information via mobile hand-held devices and web servers
  • Perform detailed trend analysis, performance monitoring and quality control
  • Accurately bill both scheduled and ad-hoc services
  • Elevate your On-Time Performance

The RATT is available both as a hosted service delivered via secure channels or as a self-hosted application.However you use RATT, you are assured of high-quality support and the utmost levels of security and reliability. Avtura’s RATT solution is scalable and able to accommodate both small and large airport infrastructures along with multiple station operations. RATT boosts efficiency, shrinks overhead costs, and gives management real-time accurate information to monitor performance and quality in all areas and stations in the operation


For further information on the RATT or AVTURA please contact us at info@avtura.com.

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