“In a tough business environment the mantra remains the same: efficiency everywhere is everything” – Giovanni Bisignani, Director General & CEO, IATA, February 2008.

AVTURA™ is an independent provider of software management solutions and consultancy for airport ground handling operations.

AVTURA’s software solutions utilise the latest mobile data collection technology and advanced communications devices to provide assistance to airline, airport and ground handling agents, to enable efficient and effective management and co-ordination of the aircraft turnaround process.

AVTURA’s solutions can provide improvements in the efficiency of airside operations and On-Time Performance, thus reducing delays and costs, maximising revenue and ensuring a safe airside operating environment. The data collection service provided by AVTURA’s Real-time Aircraft Turnaround Tool (RATT™) provides real-time operational data that can be re-used for performance monitoring, trend analysis, process re-design and monitoring of third party service level agreements.

AVTURA Consultancy can also provide significant value to airport/airline operations utilising in-depth knowledge and experience of both the IT industry and the airport/airline business to provide insightful and effective solutions within the airport ground handling environment.

AVTURA’s solutions enable improved information dissemination throughout the operation, allowing for more effective decision making and an enhanced customer service experience for all.

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